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Subject: Re: [office-comment] OpenDocument - Spreadsheet - colored sheet tabs

Hi Kirill,

thanks a lot for submitting this proposal.

Best regards,

Kirill S. Palagin wrote:
> Dear members of OpenDocument Technical Committee,
> please consider including in next version of ODF specification provision
> for storing color attribute of sheet tab in spreadsheet document.
> Rationale for this request:
> identifying sheets in spreadsheet workbook by color in many cases is
> faster and more user-friendly, especially when sheet names are in
> foreign language.
> Proprietary spreadsheet formats support this feature since at least 2003.
> With best regards,
> K. Palagin.

Peter Junge
Open Source Strategy Director

Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000 Software Co., Ltd.
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Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area
100176 Beijing - P.R.China


电话/Tel: +86-10-51570010 ext.6183
邮箱/e-mail: peterjunge@RedOffice.com

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