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Subject: Ambiguity concerning named ranges in charts

Occassionally I dive into the ODF spec with specific questions in mind. In 
this case, I dove into v1.2 cd3 (which I think is current) to answer the 
question: "Can I use named cell ranges in a chart?"

The first thing I noticed is that the "Y" values are specified by a 
different attribute than the "X" values.  For "X" values, the answer 
appears to be no, as the data type of table:cell-range-address for the 
chart:domain element is "cell-range-address-list" and the definition for 
this type is taken from section  The answer also appears to be no 
for "Y" values too, as this is also the data type of the 
chart:values-cell-range-address attribute.

"A cell range address list is a list of cell ranges and cell addresses. 
Each item in the list is separated by a space. If any table name used in 
the list contains a blank character, the table name is quoted within 
apostrophes (')."

There is ambiguity here because neither "cell range" nor "cell addresses" 
have been defined.  "Cell Range Addresses" is defined in, and the 
reference to "Table Cells" is defined in 8.2.1.  Additionally, section 
8.2.1 and subsections seem to be conceptual sections which define no 
elements or attributes, and it's sandwitched between sections which define 

So, four actionable items:

1] Pls make all of 8.2.1 and subsections more clear, using consistent 
2] Pls consider making "Y" and "X" values be specified by the same 
3] Pls consider making an attribute ALWAYS have the same data type 
(table:cell-range-address's contextual typing system is confusing)
4] Pls consider including named ranges in table:cell-range-address and/or 
chart:values-cell-range-address.  (See this languishing RFE which has been 
open since 2006: http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=64604)

I'll write a new feature proposal for this if needed.  I'm waiting for 
definitive word that excludes named ranges first, tho.


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