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Subject: Ancestry of <text:note> (ODF all versions)

Dear all,


The <text:note> element represents text notes which are attached to a
particular text position.

The <text:note> element is usable with the following elements: <text:a>
5.1.4, <text:h> 4.1.1, <text:meta> 5.1.5, <text:meta-field> 6.5.19,
<text:p> 4.1.2, <text:ruby-base> 5.4.1 and <text:span> 5.1.3

How is "a particular text position" determined when <text:note> occurs
as a child of:

* <text:a> (is the note part of the hyperlink, and so clicking the note
actuates it?)

* <text:meta> and <text:meta-field>  (since this is metadata, what is
its "text position"?)

* <text:ruby-base> (associated with the base? Maybe better to state this

The schema permits <text:note> to have <text:note> ancestors (via, e.g.,
an intermediate <text:p> element). How are such documents to be
processed? Or (more likely) should such patterns be prohibited?

- Alex.

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