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Subject: Whitespace (ODF 1.2 Pt 2)

Dear all, 


An embedded line break shall be represented by a single newline
character (U+000A), not by a carriage return-linefeed pair. When
embedded in an XML document the newline character is typically
represented as "&#0A;".

* U+000A in not a newline character as stated, but a linefeed character
(official name: 'LINE FEED (LF)')

* Since XML processors are required to normalize CR/LF pairs, why is
this common convention prohibited here? (see

* "&#0A;" is not well-formed; should be "
" or "

* The LF character is arguably more "typically" represented as a single
byte 0x0A in XML content - but maybe the second sentence adds nothing
and would be better removed?

- Alex.

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