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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODF 1.2 CD03 2.11.2 <config:config-item-set>

Jesper Lund Stocholm <4a4553504552@gmail.com> wrote on 09/29/2009 05:04:23 

> I propose to add the following to the specification:
> To 2.11.2 <config:config-item-set>:
> Add the following text:
> "The setting elements SHALL not contain settings that impact document
> functionality and SHALL not contain settings that impact document
> layout. Application settings that impact document functionality or
> impact document layout SHALL use the machanisms described in 1.4.5
> Document Processing.

I don't think that will work.  It is untestable.  How can I look at a 
document and determine whether a given setting element impacts document 
layout?  You might guess based on the name of the setting.  But that is 
not really a good test.  What if the name is "foo"?

I think you want to restate this to to be a statement regarding 
application conformance, not a statement regarding document conformance.

> Alternatively, add normatory, explanatory text to section
> OpenDocument Extended producers clearly saying that any application
> using the <config:config-item-set>-element to store settings that
> affect document layout or functionality SHALL be labelled as an
> "Extended producer".

Again, this is not a storage issue.  If I had a setting that says foo=bar, 
then how can I test the document to see if it meets these requirements?  I 
don't think I can.  Even if I test with multiple implementations, I might 
find that in some of them it changes layout, and on others it does not. So 
if application A writes a printer setting and then application B does 
something stupid, like changes the rendering based on that setting, does 
that make the document non-conformant?  Application A non-conformant?  I 
don't think so.

Also, why the focus on layout alone?  Would a setting that causes the 
spreadsheet to calculate differently be OK?  What if it made presentation 
transitions run faster or slower? What if it changes the way the document 

Maybe the closest it to say that "A conformant ODF Consumer shall not vary 
document semantics and behavior based on the presence or absence of config 
items".  But that might restrict otherwise harmless changes, such setting 
the default zoom level in a document editor.


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