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Subject: Last Call for Pre-Review ODF 1.2 comments

We've been spending the past several months addressing ODF comments 
submitted to this list.  We're now down to around 50 such comments still 
unresolved in ODF 1.2 Parts I and III, and at the current pace we'll be 
down to zero and ready for public review by the end of the month. 

Of course, comments continue to trickle in, and could arrive even on the 
day before the public review starts.  So we need to pick some arbitrary 
cut-off date.  Comments received before that date will be considered by 
the TC in creating the Public Review Draft that goes out for the official 
ODF 1.2 Public Review, and those received after that date would only be 
considered after the Public Review concludes, several months later.

The cut-off date will November 14th.

So if you have comments, please get them in before November 14th, so we 
can consider resolutions for inclusion in our Public Review Draft.


Rob Weir

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