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Subject: Scenario tables (ODF 1.2 CD03)

Dear all,


A scenario is an area of a table where data from scenario tables is
linked to temporarily. If several scenarios are defined for the same
area, an user may choose between the scenarios. The visibility of a
scenario table is controlled by its style. Only one scenario table can
be active per table.

The scenario is displayed in the nearest non-scenario table preceding
the scenario table. If a non-scenario table is followed by a scenario
table, a scenario is displayed.

This is rather opaque.

In particular,

* What does "is linked to temporarily" mean? (linking mechanism,
criteria for temporary nature of link?)

* Does "several" mean "more than one"?

* Does "the same area" mean exactly the same area? Or can scenarios

* What does it mean for a scenario to be "active" and is there different
processing for non-active ones?

* How is a scenario displayed?

* Does "preceding" mean in XML document terms, or rendering terms
(thinking e.g. of side-by-side tables in a RTL environment)?

* Does a "scenario table" mean a table with a scenario in it, or a table
referenced by a scenario?

* What happens if a scenario table is *not* preceded by another table

* In general, an example of use would here clarify things greatly!

- Alex.

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