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Subject: Return of the naughty words and phrases (ODF all versions)

Dear all,

* "special" (e.g. 18.404 refers to "a sequence of effects that are
started when the user interactively clicks on a special element inside a

* "particular" as meaningless padding (e.g. 18.795 "[t]he
text:date-value attribute specifies a particular date value.") Most of
the time this word should be deleted or replaced with something

* "if and only if" (e.g. 8.1.10 "the table and each distinct group may
contain one <table:table-header-columns> element, if and only if the
table columns contained in the <table:table-header-columns> elements are
adjacent"). A simple "if" will do.

* "a bit" / "a bit like" (e.g. 19.230 "turns around a bit and moves to
the bottom-right corner of the screen").

* "appropriate" as the sole adjective for some normative behaviour (e.g.
18.348 "[i]f this attribute is not present, a denominator that is
appropriate for displaying the number is used").

* "expected to" (18.308 "[t]he form control is expected to react on
changes in the cell range").

* "relevant" (e.g. 18.269 "[t]he attribute is only relevant if the
form:repeat attribute is present, and evaluates to true").

- Alex.

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