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Subject: OpenDocument manifest


Some misunderstanding can be found in section "2.2 Manifest" of OpenDocument v1.2 Part 3 (Packages) Draft 7.

“It contains information about the sub document contained in the package.”

According to definitions in section 2.1, the package is called document, content of which is made of sub documents.
The manifest file contains information about the document or sub documents (plural) of the package.

“The main pieces of information stored in the manifest are as follows:
- A list of all of the sub documents in the package.”

Sub documents are sub files which are contained in a Zip file and which are not defined by the OpenDocument Package specification.
In section 2.7 (Preview Image) there are sentences: “The thumbnail shall be saved as “thumbnail.png” in a separate folder named “Thumbnails”. <..> The “Thumbnails” folder shall not get a media type in the manifest.xml file, since it is not actually part of the document.”
There we can find that the package can contain folders, and all of them (or at least “Thumbnails” folder) must be listed in the manifest file.

Another question is: shall “thumbnail.png” file get a media type in the manifest.xml file or not, too?

Kind regards,

Laimutis Ignatavičius
IT architect

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