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Subject: ODF 1.2 part 3 cd01: encryption, algorithms


some suggestions for the encryption part:

- make it more clear that mimetype and Thumbnails/thumbnail.png shall
(should ?) not be encrypted.

For security reasons, thumbnail must be a dummy anyway, but it is probably
nicer/easier for file viewers etc to get a valid (though dummy) PNG, or no
thumbnail at all, than to get an encrypted binary

- define the compression algorithm to be used (I assume this is DEFLATE)
to compress the files prior to encryption.

- many governments and/or organisations using encryption would like to see
AES included (1.2 draft allows for additional algorithms besides Blowfish), so
I'd suggest to make this mandatory ("... that support encryption shall support
both Blowfish and AES)

If this would be a bridge too far, I suggest to at least mention AES, and to
"reserve" these attribute values (or similar) for manifest:algorithm-name, for
future use

"AES-128 CFB"
"AES-192 CFB"
"AES-256 CFB"

Best regards,


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