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Subject: Confusing use of combining choices in the RELAX NG schema (ODF pt1, public review 1)

Dear all,

The ODF for this schema has a redundant use of combining choice for many of the definitions in the schema. 

For example the "db-data-types" definition is as follows:

<define name="db-data-types" combine="choice">

The combine attribute is redundant here, and is likely to mislead the reader into thinking this definition is combined with others elsewhere in the schema. Only by checking the entire schema can they discount this possibility -- this is in fact the only definition of "db-data-types".

In general, the schema makes much use of combining features of RELAX NG that are unnecessary, resulting in definitions that are accumulated in multiple locations in the schema, making it hard to read. Schemas in standards should at least be literate, and ideally aim at best practice. To this end, except where they are re-used in multiple re-combining definitions, all definitions should be combined into single consolidated piece of markup, so that readers of the schema can be confident of seeing entire definitions in one place, where possible. 

- Alex.

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