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Subject: Abuse of the combine attribute

Dear colleagues,

The ODF RELAX NG schema has a number of problems.  One of them is an
abuse of the combine attribute.  It should be used only for combining
different definitions in different schema files.  The ODF schema uses
the combine attribute or combing multiple definitions in a single file.
As a result, those who read the ODF schema always have to check whether
there are other definitions of the same name.

James Clark once wrote: " I found myself confused by this when reading
RELAX grammars. I would find a reference to a label foo, then look for
an elementRule foo; when I found it, I would assume it's the only
definition. My assumption would be incorrect, and I would therefore
misunderstand the schema (though eventually of course I would notice the
other definitions and understand correctly). .."

RELAX NG does not disallow this abuse, since somebody might have 
a good reason to do so.  (In general, RELAX NG does not disallow abuses.)  But
in the case of the ODF schema, I don't think that there are any good

Attached please  find my rewrite via a simple XSLT stylesheet.





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