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Subject: ODF 1.2 comment: metadata : concatenation

Minor issue.

Part 1 mentions concatenation without an example.

The meaning of "Every XML element that has a type ID attribute in a file
which is contained in an OpenDocument package may be described using an
OWL class, which URI is the concatenation of the element's XML namespace
IRI and the element's local name."  is also difficult. Is this referring
to owl:Class/rdf:About ?

It seems unusual to merely concatenate: surely it is not mere concatenation?

Indeed, the descriptions seems strange. Forming a URL from the namespace
of an element and an ID of an instance of that element flits between
element types and elements. If general elements are intended, then the
combination of the IRI and the element name should be used, surely. And if
the specific elements are intended, why not the IRI for the part and the
ID, connected by #?

Furthermore, the lack of an example runs the risk that invocations of OWL
become window dressing.

SUGGESTION: Clarify this. Add an example. Validate the example using RDF

Rick Jelliffe

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