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Subject: [office-comment] ODF 1.2 comment: three concerns

(Quickly read over part 1 and 3 of ODF 1.2 draft )
and OpenDocument-v1.2-part3-cd01.pdf

First concern, odi:
In part one and three I haven't seen anything about the file extensions.
What is the status of the odi file extension?
It's rather superfluous because odg has everything and is more widely used, implemented.
(odi should be marked deprecated, even if ODF 1.2 isn't a version where backwards-compatibility is going to be breaked.)

Second concern, notes and comments:

In part3, notes are well defined in section 6.3 Notes.
In presentations there is something that's called notes but isn't very note-like
OpenDocument-v1.2-part3-cd01.pdf section 16.17<presentation:notes>
The text describing the element says:
The <presentation:notes> element contains a preview of the drawing page and additional graphic shapes.

This is not very note-like, the connection between the name and description is quite puzzling. I'm concerned about pitfalls with this and the general notes element.
It would be a better idea to rename presentation:notes element to something that fits the description better.
Or is this an error in the specification?
Also a better name for what is now called notes (section 6.3) would be comments, as is done in OOo to avoid confusion. Otherwise his opens some pitfalls for developers.

Third concern, svg font format absence:

While ODF is using svg font elements, it would be nice if ODF would mention the svg font format specifically as a recommended format for fonts.

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