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Subject: Reminder: Purpose of this list

A reminder.  The OASIS Technical Committee Process states:
"The purpose of the TC’s public comment facility is to receive comments 
from the public and is not for public discussion." 
"Comments to the TC made by Members of the TC must be made via the TC 
general email list, and comments made by non-TC members, including from 
the public, must be made via the TC’s comment facility. Comments shall not 
be accepted via any other means."

This list is not for discussing how ODF should be developed.  It is not 
for TC members to co-design with members of the public.  It is an "input 
only" list for the ODF TC to receive public comments.  The work of 
discussing and resolving comments must occur among members of the TC, 
working on the TCs mailing list, in accordance with the OASIS TC process. 
If individuals want to take an active role in the development of the spec, 
they should then join the ODF TC itself. 

In any case, thanks for any all your comments.  We appreciate your time 
reviewing and reporting issues.  All comments received on this list, even 
the mistaken ones, will be reviewed and and disposed by the ODF TC.



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