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Subject: All extant ODF versions -- Clipboard

Stephane Rodriguez has reported that OpenOffice.org writes copied
spreadsheet data to a clipboard entitled "Star Embed Source (XML)". He
reports that this clipboard's content is in .ods format, although he
did not report an exhaustive study to confirm that this is true in all
use cases. <http://ooxmlisdefectivebydesign.blogspot.com/2010/05/ooxml-interoperability-scam.html>,
leaving open the question whether he happened to test only clipboard
content where formatting coincides with .ods. Another issue arises
from the fact that formulas remain largely undefined by any adopted
ODF standard and are application-defined.


1. Clearly and unambiguously specify in ODF the conformity
requirements that are essential to achieve interoperability in
exchange of data via the clipboard among all ODF implementations (not
just spreadsheet implementations). ISO/IEC JTC1 Directives, Annex I.

2. The clipboard name should be unique for each adopted version of ODF
so that receiving implementations can be efficiently programmed to
test clipboard content for needed conversion among differing ODF
format versions; e.g., the differing methods of handling ordered lists
between ODF 1.2 and earlier versions of the specification.

3. In naming the clipboards, pay due regard to the relevant
requirement of the Agreement On Government Procurement Article VI(3):

"There shall be no requirement or reference to a particular trademark
or trade name, patent, design or type, specific origin, producer or
supplier, unless there is no sufficiently precise or intelligible way
of describing the procurement requirements and provided that words
such as 'or equivalent' are included in the tender documentation."
(Article VI sections 1-3 imposes requirements on standards used as
government procurement tender specifications.)

Best regards,

Paul E. Merrell, J.D. (Marbux)

Universal Interoperability Council

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