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Subject: Fw: Suggestion to ODF 1.2 from Danks Standard

I received this as liaison rep to SC34/WG6.  Forwarding to comment list so 
this gets into our JIRA workflow.

Note that this is not a defect report.  However, as with any received 
comment, the TC can opt to address via errata, via correction in the ODF 
1.2 draft, or by deferring to ODF-Next.  We should let Dansk Standard know 
what we decide.




Dear Sir 

I write to you in my capacity as representative for Dansk Standard in 
ISO/EIC JTC1/SC-34 WG-6 regarding ISO-26300 Open Document Format. 

As technical representative from Dansk Standard I would like to submit 
suggestion towards improvements of ODF 1.2 specification. This is 
according to the procedure  as agreed on the  JTC1/SC-34 WG-6  meeting 
25.- 26.  March 2010 in Stockholm 

Please find attach a more detailed description of these suggestion, which 
we would like you response/reaction on these suggestions 

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact 

Yours Faithfully 

Jens M Jensen 
 Nymoellevej 91 

IT Architect 
 Lyngby, 2800 
IBM Denmark 
+45-2880 8619 


Medmindre andet er angivet ovenfor: / Unless Otherwise Stated Above:
IBM Danmark ApS
Nymøllevej 91
2800 Kongens Lyngby, Danmark
CVR nr.: 65305216 



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