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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Java trademark (ODF pt 1, public review 1)

Just to remind everybody.

Java (including the applets) is open source.
With java I mean the specification, not a particular implementation that may or may not be proprietary.

2010/2/6 Alex Brown <alexb@griffinbrown.co.uk>
Dear all,

The spec makes mention of "Java" as a registered trademark, when referring to Java applets. Java applets are nowhere defined in the text and no normative reference is provided.

Sun says Java has a (TM) not an (R) http://www.sun.com/suntrademarks/index.jsp#J

The ISO/IEC directives state:

"Proprietary trade names (i.e. trade marks) for a particular product should as far as possible be avoided, even if they are in common use." (6.6.3)

These provisions should be generalised to allow non-proprietary technology to be used.

- Alex.

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