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Subject: Requirement

 Ronnie The Bonnie


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 all where openFormula is used
Making '=' mandatory for formula.

It's very strange that ODF OpenFormula does not mandates the equal
sign in the beginning of a formula.

>In math formulas are naturally of the form y = f(x) with the equal sign.

>Mostly everybody uses the '=' for saying something is a formula in spreadsheets.

>All the major spreadsheet applications need it anyway.

>It makes it possible to distinguish between textual description of formula in spreadsheets and actual formulas. Many people use the difference between '=' and no '=' to show the formula they use. To document their spreadsheet.

>There is no reason not to do it.

Please make it a must, mandatory that an application must do equal
signs in order to be compliant with OpenFormula.

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