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Subject: Yomi (xml:lang missing for dc:title, dc:subject, dc:creator, etc.)

Summary: please allow xml:lang for  dc:title, dc:subject, dc:creator,
                etc. so that Japanese users can specify "Yomi" (phonetics).

In the Japanese language, one string is not enough for representing 
the title of a book.  We need two strings: the first one may contain 
kanji characters but the second one is not allowed to contain kanji 
characters.  The second one (phonetics) is often called "Yomi"

ODF already allows more than one dc:creator element under a single 
office:meta element.  However, the xml:lang attribute is not allowed.  
Thus, we cannot specify xml:lang="ja-jp", which allows kanji, and 
xml:lang="ja-kana-jp", which does not.  Please introduce this attribute.


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