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Subject: Could ODF support anonymous styles?

we are using xslt to generate odt component files(like content.xml, styles.xml, manifest.xml...) and zip them into *.odt with
ant script.
During the generation, I found it inconvenient to add a style to an element dynamically, based on Open Office Spec of OASIS,
one should first create a named style and then reference it with @text:style-name of an element.
(e.g <text:p text:style-name="indent_paragraph_style"/>), but sometimes styles' content is depended on user's input and it cannot be
created with a name before-hand. So I suggest whether odf standard could support anonymous styles, like css styles in html?

<text:p text:style="color:red;background-color:white;font-weight:bold;">

means the paragraph's font color is red and bolded, background-color is white?

We are using OASIS Open Office Specification V1.1.


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