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Subject: ODF Next: Cell Styles and Summaries

A nice feature request was posted on OOo bugzilla:

This request can be extended further, and Cell Styles add a lot of power to this feature.

There are 3 components:
 - styling subregions/special rows
 - collapsing rows within a subregion
 - defining computations for a subregion

Spreadsheet special regions should be definable per cell-styles. It actually makes sense to have the style applied to the whole row.

There are a number of computation-related styles:
- Total style
- Subtotal level 1 style
- [...]
- Subtotal level n style
- Data style

Rows with Total/subtotal styles should impleemnt the functionality to collapse ALL sublevel-styles, including the Data-style.

Rows with the Total/Subtotal style will compute the corresponding summary on the referenced data. Any summary function should be allowed.

Specifying the summary function should be identified through a brainstorming session - I am currently uncertain.

Options include:
 - define the style with the function
 - enter a blank function in the cell, e.g. =SUM(), and the SUM() will automatically perfomr the sum on the subregion delimited by the style
 - some other option

This feature is not backward-compatible, but it would ease the transition to multidimensional spreadsheets and would greatly enhance the structure of a spreadsheet.
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