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Subject: ODF-Next: 3D and WebGL

Dear TC,

now that Firefox 4 is out, bringing WebGL to the public, I would like to ask the TC to look at opportunities to bridge ODF with 3D-worlds.

I am referencing one of my 2008-posts on the OOo list:

Point (3) goes like this:
> 3.) And I see a bright future for 3D-graphics, too.
> VRML or some replacement is in the coming; definitely. Trust me on this.

A brief explanation:
I do not think that ODF has to reinvent 3D languages. These are probably well represented. But I think that ODF will have to integrate 3D langauges and interoperate with 3D specific software. And this process should start rather early than too late.



I am resending the message, as my first one will probably be blocked (different e-mail address).
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