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Subject: style:flow-with-text needs some clarifications


in style:flow-with-text it's not mentioned what the default value is, and it 
seems the default might be true, so it's a bit important to know.

"When a drawing shape leaves its layout environment due to its position and/or 
size in the forward text flow direction, it flows with the text flow to the next 
layout environment. If there is no next layout environment, the position of 
the layout environment is adjusted. If the drawing shape is larger than its 
layout environment, the size of the layout environment is adjusted."

Position of layout environment is adjusted?? is this true and how is this 
supposed to happen in more details regarding each of the layout environnments? 
Are you sure it's not just the size of the env that is adjusted?

"A drawing object may leave its layout environment in the other (non text flow) 
directions. Exceptions from this rule are the layout environments table cell 
area and frame area. For these layout environments it shall be ensured that 
the drawing shape is laid out inside its layout environment by adjusting the 
position and (if necessary) the size."

Is that adjusting the env or shape? okay must be the shape, but please make it 
more specific.

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