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Subject: ODF1.2 draw:style rect/round vs svg:stroke-linecap

Hi members,

The element “<draw:stroke-dash>” (16.40.9) has an attribute “draw:style” (19.218.5). This attribute specifies a rendering for a stroke-dash using the values
“rect: dash has a rectangular shape.”
“round: dash has a round shape.”

On the other hand the ends of stroked subpaths can be set with the attribute “svg:stroke-linecap” (20.164) using the values butt, round, and square.

It might be, that the settings are contradictory. For example draw:style sets “rect” and svg:stroke-linecap sets “round”.

I miss a rule to handle this inconsistence. Another solution would be to get rid of the attribute “draw:style” in this context.

Kind regards

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