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Subject: "draw:background-size" misses default & not available for <style:drawing-page-properties> (ODF 1.2)


I have found two issues with the attribute "draw:background-size"
(used to define what area the background properties should be applied to (full 
page or excluding the margins), see §20.93):

A) it is only available in styles for drawing pages (<style:drawing-page-
properties>), and is not available for non-drawing pages (<style:page-layout-

While I miss to see a definition what area should be used to paint the 
background on for non-drawing pages, at least by the implementation in 
LibreOffice 3.5 the background properties in <style:page-layout-properties> 
are always applied excluding the margins, so inside the borders.

I propose to add "draw:background-size" as attribute for <style:page-layout-
properties> as well, as it is useful there as well.

B) §20.93 misses to define a default value for "draw:background-size".
At least LibreOffice 3.5 does not store this attribute at all, or does offer a 
config option for it. LibreOffice 3.5 renders the background only inside the 

So for backward-compatibility with existing files I propose to define a 
default value and use "border" as that.


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