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Subject: Inconsistency within list of allowed elements for attribut style:background-transparency (ODF 1.2)


is see two issues with style:background-transparency:

A) §20.240 has as description for the attribute style:background-transparency:
The style:background-transparency attribute specifies the transparency of a 
paragraph's background color.

But the elements for which this attribute is allowed is not just  
<style:paragraph-properties>, but also <style:graphic-
properties>, which the description does not talk about. What is wrong here, 
description text or list of allowed elements?

B) If style:background-transparency is usable for <style:graphic-properties>, 
then why not also for the elements 
<style:drawing-page-properties>, <style:page-layout-properties>, 
<style:header-footer-properties> and perhaps also all other elements where the 
attribut fo:background-color is allowed?
The list of currently allowed elements seems arbitrary and not consistent.


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