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Subject: Definition of draw:angle in ODF1.2 does not fit to implementation

Hi members,

the definitions of the attributes draw:angle (19.112) and draw:rotation(19.209) do not fit to the actual implementations.

The definitions refer to the data type angle in section 18.3.1:
"An angle, as defined in §4.1 of [SVG]. An angle is a double value that may be followed immediately by one of the following angle unit identifiers: deg (degrees), grad (gradiants) or rad (radians). If no unit identifier is specified, the value is assumed to be in degrees."

The actual implementations use the value without unit but they interpret it as having unit 0.1 degrees and they use data type integer.

I have tested PowerPoint, LibreOffice, Symphony, and Apache OpenOffice so far. I haven't got a Linux system and cannot test Calligra.

The attribute draw:angle is only used with the elements draw:gradient and draw:opacity and the attribute draw:rotation is only used with the element draw:hatch. So a change for these attributes would not effect other places in the spec. For ODF1.3 I suggest to deprecate them in favor of a solution nearer to SVG.

To align the spec with the existing implementations I suggest:
(1) Remove the reference to section 18.3.1
(2) Specify that a value n is treated as n*0.1 degrees.
(3) Perhaps constrain the value to integer.

I suggest to do this as errata for ODF1.2.

I'm not a native English speaker and no expert for spec writing, but here my wording:
In section "19.112 draw:angle" and same in section "19.209 draw:rotation":
"The draw:angle attribute has the data type angle 18.3.1."
"The draw:angle attribute has the data type integer. The attribute value n is treated as angle value n*0.1degrees."

The problem has been discussed on ooo-dev@incubator.apache.org and libreoffice@lists.freedesktop.org, links below. The discussion brought up the problem of angle orientation too, but that can only be solved in ODF1.3.

The discussion was a little bit scattered, therefor several links:
Initial mail with subject "Definition of draw:angle in ODF1.2 does not fit to implementation"
Answers and threads

Kind regards

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