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Subject: Orientation problems with angles

Hi members,

a lot of places, which use angles, are not exact enough about the direction of the angle. The reason for this problem is, that the spec does not define a coordinate system and therefor terms like "clockwise" or "start at 12 o'clock" are ambiguous. Sometimes a direction is totally missing or even a leg of the angle is missing. To get an angle with directions you need an ordered pair of rays.

How to improve the situation?
(1) Do not define own elements or attributes, when well defined one exists in SVG. (2) Illustrate the definitions, for example as it is done in SVG for the coordinate system [http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/coords.html#InitialCoordinateSystem] (3) Be careful to define the legs of the angle as ordered pair of rays for every angle. (4) Deprecate an attribute, when it has often been implemented with wrong direction, and define an unambiguous solution.

I know, this is a nonspecific request. But I want to make sure, that the problem will not be forgotten for ODF1.3. If you agree that changes are necessary, one can discuss the details.

Kind regards

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