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Subject: thumbnail shouldn't be stored inside the document file


I think that the thumbnail image shouldn't be stored inside the document file.

It could be handled by the file browser cache (Nautilus, Dolphin, Thunar, Microsoft Windows file explorer, etc) or any application using a preview instead of storing the preview into the document file. Each application could use a fast check of a modification (modification of the date and the size for example) in order to refresh the thumbnail. Each application could use a Open Document producer component in order to quickly generate an image preview with the right format (file format and image dimension).

Storing a thumbnail into the document file :
- increases the used space on expensive storage
- increases the cpu usage (and the energy consumption)

Note  that the storage cost depends on the usage :
- the local desktop disk is a cheap storage with possibly no backup (in enterprise for example),
- the network storage of a user or a group is an expensive storage (the final archived size can be multiplied by ~20 with archives rotation, humans are paid to perform the storage and check it, ...).

Note that a document sent by email will use the network bandwidth for image preview which can be easily created by the recipient. Moreover, the document will be copied into the "inbox" folder of the recipient and also into the "sent" folder of the sender. The mailboxes of the sender and the recipient will be possibly backed up (expensive storage).

Note that the preview image file size can be roughly up to ~30% of the compressed office document (see the small Draw document I attached for example).

Note that there are users who never use preview image (detailed view of the Microsoft Windows file explorer for example).

The CPU usage increases with thumbnail into the documents because :
- of additional work for saving (and reading) a file, especially when the automatic saving is performed often or when the user is cautious,
- of possible useless format conversion between the document preview format and the application underlying image format,
- of resizing between the preview image dimensions inside the document and any application using the preview with other dimensions.

However I think there were reason of using the preview inside the document. Could you please explain those reasons ? Thanks.


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