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Subject: ODF 1.2 Part 1 Section 5.5.2 Confusion

In Section 5.5.2 on <text:changed-region> the last paragraph puzzles me.  It says

   A <text:changed-region> can be referenced by more than one 
   change, but the corresponding referencing change mark elements 
   shall be of the same change type - insertion, format change or 

Technically, there is no "type" of a change mark (section 5.5.7).  Change marks are empty elements and their only attribute is a text:change-id with an IDREF value that references the xml:id of some <text:changed-region>.  So it is the <text:changed-region> that determines what kind of change is involved.

In 5.5.7 it is clear that a <text:change> element only references a <text:change-region> having a <text:deletion> component.  In the case of <text:change-start> and <text:change-end>, matching pairs must reference the same <text:changed-region>, and the region determines what type of change is involved by having either a <text:insertion> or a <text:format-change> child.

Is the use of -start and -end the sense in which 5.5.2 asserts that "A <text:changed-region> can be referenced by more than one change" or is it intended that there are more ways for a <text:changed-region> to be referenced beyond exactly one of those cases (i.e., a single <text:change> or a single pair of <text:change-start> and <text:change-end>)?  

 -- Dennis E. Hamilton
    dennis.hamilton@acm.org    +1-206-779-9430
    https://keybase.io/orcmid  PGP F96E 89FF D456 628A

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