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Subject: Formatting in spreadsheet


I have a problem saving customer number format #.##0,00# on ods files.


I am using LibreOffice. I have a spreadsheet in which I keep my stamp collection. 

In one of the columns I keep the orginal face value of the stamp. Normally this is a value of X dutch guilders and YY cents, which is denoted as X,YY (we use a , for decimal separator). Example 0,25 for a quarter.

My problem is that in the older stamps there are values like 12 and a half cents, which I denote at 0,125. So far so good. Now I want the extra 3rd digit only to be displayed when actually used. So, I see values like:


LO processes this fine, if a save the .ods file and reopen it the formatting of the column has changed to 0,000 . Above fields are then displayed as:


According to the LibreOffice folks the ODF standard does not allow this. If I save in oodoc (.xlsx) the formatting stays in tact. Of course I want to save in a real standard :-(.

Can you confirm the opinion of the LO people? 

If this is the case, than I really feel this is a flaw or omision in the standards.

How can I get this on the radar to be repaired in the standards?

Rob Jasper,

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