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Subject: RE: [office-comment] Formatting in spreadsheet

Hi Rob,

I think you can do this, but perhaps not the way you expect.  

I don’t know where in the ODF specification there is any rule about formats like "#.##0,00#", but you can do it with conditional styles.  

That is, try creating a conditional style on whether the value *100 is an exact integer or not, and then have 2 digits after the decimal or 3, depending on the condition result.  That’s definitely possible in ODF and the only question is whether it is supported by the Calc implementation of your choice.

 -- Dennis E. Hamilton
    dennis.hamilton@acm.org    +1-206-779-9430
    https://keybase.io/orcmid  PGP F96E 89FF D456 628A

PS: It seems to me that accepting values and presenting them as you expect, but not round-tripping that form with itself, is a bug regardless of how the ODF specification is being interpreted for this case.

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From: Rob Jasper [mailto:Rob@famJasper.nl] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 10:11
To: office-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [office-comment] Formatting in spreadsheet

I have a problem saving customer number format #.##0,00# on ods files.
I am using LibreOffice. I have a spreadsheet in which I keep my stamp collection.  
In one of the columns I keep the orginal face value of the stamp. Normally this is a value of X dutch guilders and YY cents, which is denoted as X,YY (we use a , for decimal separator). Example 0,25 for a quarter. 
My problem is that in the older stamps there are values like 12 and a half cents, which I denote at 0,125. So far so good. Now I want the extra 3rd digit only to be displayed when actually used. So, I see values like: 
LO processes this fine, if a save the .ods file and reopen it the formatting of the column has changed to 0,000 . Above fields are then displayed as:
According to the LibreOffice folks the ODF standard does not allow this. If I save in oodoc (.xlsx) the formatting stays in tact. Of course I want to save in a real standard :-(. 
Can you confirm the opinion of the LO people?  
If this is the case, than I really feel this is a flaw or omision in the standards. 
How can I get this on the radar to be repaired in the standards? 
Rob Jasper,

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