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Subject: [office] ODF 1.2 Pass Submission comment JP5 - OFFICE-3869

Concerning Regina's question at <https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/201501/msg00000.html>, perhaps this will be helpful.

Simply drop "as identified in META-INF/manifest.xml" in

"If a digital signature file is not encrypted, any encrypted files
covered by the digital signature are signed in their encrypted form as
identified in META-INF/manifest.xml."

The only point of this is that the only data that determines whether a file is encrypted or not is in the <manifest:file-entry> for that file, in META-INF/manifest.xml.

For the second part, it is more complicated.  If the digital signature file is itself encrypted, it must have signed the other files *before* they were encrypted.  When the digital signature file is encrypted, all other files are also encrypted.  But they were signed first.

The "In particular" statement could best be stated "In particular, the manifest will include the parameters that are required for decrypting the encrypted digital signature file."  It is a statement of necessary fact, not a conformance condition.  (That is the only manner by which such parameters are to be known.)

 - Dennis

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