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Subject: Suggested addition: Binder-like file format

I don't know if this has ever been considered, or what the technical considerations would be with adding this to the ODF standard and supporting software since I have no experience in software other than using it (though I do have a basic understanding on how things work), but I think this suggestion may be useful to at least some people.

Going back to my days as a kid in school, I remember there being a program in Microsoft Office called Binder (it's since been removed), which allowed the user to take separate documents saved in the Microsoft Office file formats and join them into one "binder file" while still allowing them to exist as separate documents within the binder file. It was a very useful feature for organizing my documents and separating my homework for different classes and other purposes. Even today, I think it would be a useful feature, but alas it's not available anywhere that I can find.

I am wandering if it might be possible to add a Binder-like file format to ODF, something that would allow multiple documents saved using ODF to be joined into one single file in a way that would preserve the basic structure that each file would have if they were separate files, thus allowing them to be separated into their own files with minimal effort by the software being used if the user no longer wants to "bind" them.

I realize this feature may not be useful to everyone, though one could argue that ODP and ODS is not useful to everyone because not everyone because not everyone needs to create slideshows and spreadsheets. I'm sure some people other than me would find it useful to have a Binder-like file format available, at least once software starts to support it.

Kris Krehart

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