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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Suggested addition: Binder-like file format

I just found out I was conversing with one person rather than the list as a whole because of people wanting to use my email address directly. I consider that very rude because there was no need to communicate with me directly in regards to a discussion that's supposed to occur on a public mailing list. I don't mind so much if it's something that you truly need to say in private, but otherwise I liken it to going to a crowded supermarket and using a shopping cart that's already in use by someone else: just because the shopping cart can be seen by everyone doesn't mean that everyone should use it when it's already in use, and just because my email address is visible to everyone doesn't mean that everyone should be using it unless there's a real need to (and unless we start working on some project not relevant to the mailing list, I doubt there will be a need). Please don't do that again, at least not without asking first.

Now to return to the topic of discussion. In case there is any uncertainty about what I am suggesting, a Google image search for Microsoft Binder should show what I am referring to, or at least provide a reference of what it might look like:


The screenshots show a navigation pane to the left with different documents, and the document being used in the middle. Some of the screenshots show different document types (e.g. Microsft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.), and each of those can be embedded into one single "binder" file. This is in contrast to the Master Document concept in LibreOffice, which seems to be a meta-file that loads different documents from different files into one table on one page.

I don't want to ask for this from one specific office suite, I think it's better to put it in the ODF standard and allow everyone to implement it. Part of the reason I use ODF is because I don't always have the convenience of working on my own computer, and I can't predict what office suite will be on someone else's computer, e.g. at a library, at a friend's house, etc. Another reason is because I don't want to be the victim of "vendor lockin" (the problem ODF was created to solve, and the reason I ditched Microsoft's products before they adopted ODF).

Kris Krehart

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