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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Questions regard OpenDocument standard and RDF handling.

hi Denis,

On 20.03.2015 13:06, Денис Купляков wrote:
>     The first problem is storing an in-package path to additional metadata
> files. As we see from examples of unittests for Calligra [1], LibreOffice [2],
> AbiWords [3], developers are currently using pkg:path property to store path
> to metadata file. But there is no mention of pkg:path in the current
> OpenDocument Standard version. Jos noted that we should use instead rdf:about
> property with filename (ex: rdf:about="filename.rdf"), as Standard Part 3
> section 3.6 says. More info about storing metadata files seems to be written in
> Standard Part 3 section 6. Maybe all this pkg:path things originated from
> the first metadata proposals for Standard [4].

in the first drafts of the RDF Metadata proposals: in [4] odf:path was
intended as the way to refer to files within an ODF package, which was
probably renamed to pkg:path in a later proposal (when the properties
were split across part 1 and part 3).  So the file was represented as a
RDF blank node with this property that had the path as value (but was
not really a URI, iirc).

then one day Svante returned from some W3C conference substantially
enlightened, and henceforth the way to identify a file in the ODF
package was an URI that contained its relative path, which was much
simpler, and no extra property was needed.

>     The second problem is the use of pkg:idref in the mentioned above
> examples and implementations of office suites[1][2][3][5]. There is no mentions
> of pkg:idref in Standard. There is a way of using RDFa xhtml:about property to
> place a link from contents.xml to metadata. But there are xml elements that
> don't support xhtml:about (text:section, for example). In this case we have no
> way to link metadata to contents. So pkg:idref provides wider functionality,
> allowing us to split xml:ids and RDF URIs, and link them together in
> convenient way.

same thing:  in [4], it was necessary to create an indirection (or
mapping) in manifest.rdf to refer to an element from an ODF XML file via
odf:Element and the odf:idref attribute, and the RDF files then
identified the element by the URI assigned in the mapping.

in ODF 1.2 it is much simpler, there is no mapping and you just refer to
the element with an URI that contains its relative file name and xml:id

so for example you have this section in content.xml:

<text:section xml:id="foobar42">...</text:section>

you can refer to it from any RDF/XML file as

>     So I think we should clarify how to use RDF in OpenDocument files and
> make RDF implementations compatible throughout office suites.

i've attached an example created with LibreOffice, it contains also the
StarBasic macro that created it by adding a "foo.rdf" with a
(non-sensical) statement using a section as both object and subject.

>     [1] https://projects.kde.org/projects/calligra/repository/revisions/master/entry/words/part/tests/data/weekend-hike.odt
>     [2] https://github.com/qt-haiku/LibreOffice/blob/master/unoxml/qa/complex/unoxml/testdocuments/example.rdf
>     [3] https://github.com/lokeshguddu/AbiWord/blob/master/trunk/test/wp/odt/external/package_odt/manifest.rdf
>     [4] https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/24275/ODF-Metadata-Proposal.odt
>     [5] http://abisource.com/wiki/RDF

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