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Subject: Function CELL Info_Type ADDRESS comment needs an amendment


For spreadsheet function CELL Info_Type ADDRESS it currently reads

The sheet name is included if given in the reference.

This needs to be amended, e.g.

The sheet name is included if given in the reference and does not
reference the same sheet as the sheet the expression is evaluated on.

... or some such ...

Meaning, if the expression

=CELL( "ADDRESS" ; Sheet1.A1 )

is evaluated on Sheet1, the text "$A$1" is returned.
If it is evaluated on Sheet2, the text "$Sheet1.$A$1" is returned.

Or actually for a different sheet the return string depends on the
current reference style, which doesn't make things easier.

For LibreOffice, in CalcA1 it is "$Sheet1.$A$1", in ExcelA1 it is
"Sheet1!$A$1" and in ExcelR1C1 it is "Sheet1!R1C1", but that is
implementation specific and should be congruent with what ADDRESS()
delivers and INDIRECT() can digest. LibreOffice supports all three
syntax modes.

Excel returns "[Book1]Sheet2!$A$1" for a new unsaved document or
"[Book2.xlsx]Sheet2!$A$1" for a saved document, so includes even the
file name (which must be a legacy of when each sheet was a separate file
and documents with more than one sheet didn't exist).
In R1C1 reference style Excel returns "[Book1]Sheet2!R1C1" or

Gnumeric version 1.12.29 apparently never returns a sheet name.


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