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Subject: Re: [office-comment] DAYS360 third parameter should be Logical


on behalf of Gnumeric I object to this change. Moving the last argument from an integetr (0,1) to a logical would prevent extending this function to further methods. Currently Gnumeric allows 3 methods (0,1,2), although it is clear that the behaviour for 2 is not as described in teh standard.

Gnumeric's implementation allows:
If method is 0, the default, the MS Excel (tm) US method will be used. This is a somewhat complicated industry standard method where the last day of February is considered to be the 30th day of the month, but only for start_date. If method is 1, the European method will be used. In this case, if the day of the month is 31 it will be considered as 30 If method is 2, a saner version of the US method is used in which both dates get the same February treatment.

The difference between methods 0 and 2 is visible for example for
which in Gnumeric evaluates to 362 for method=0 (or 1) and 363 for method=2

Going forward we would rather have method 2 included in the ODF standard than the spec changed to formalize allowing only two methods.


On 16-06-30 10:21 AM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:

-----Original Message-----
From: Dennis E. Hamilton [mailto:dennis.hamilton@acm.org]
Sent: Friday, May 27, 2016 10:20
To: office-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [office-comment] DAYS360 third parameter should be Logical

I provided the following cases in an OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)
file and obtained these results in all of Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2,
LibreOffice 5.0.0, and Microsoft Excel 2016:

  	330 =DAYS360(DATE(2015; 2; 28); DATE(2016;1;31))
	330 =DAYS360(DATE(2015; 2; 28); DATE(2016;1;31);0)
	330 =DAYS360(DATE(2015; 2; 28); DATE(2016;1;31);FALSE())
	332 =DAYS360(DATE(2015; 2; 28); DATE(2016;1;31);1)
	332 =DAYS360(DATE(2015; 2; 28); DATE(2016;1;31);TRUE())
	332 =DAYS360(DATE(2015; 2; 28); DATE(2016;1;31);2)
	332 =DAYS360(DATE(2015; 2; 28); DATE(2016;1;31);-20)

The proposal to change the optional parameter to Logical with default of
FALSE() will not impact interoperability so long as the rule for
conversion of NUMBER to LOGICAL is retained in the specification.

This change should not impact existing OpenDocument Spreadsheet
instances or ODF down-version implementations of DAYS360.  It also
prevents a future breaking change where values different than 0 and 1
are given special interpretation.

I personally see nothing objectionable in Eike's proposal.  I have not
consulted the Apache OpenOffice Project.  I will do so by forwarding of
this comment.

  - Dennis

There have been no objections on this on the Apache OpenOffice lists.

  - Dennis
-----Original Message-----
From: Eike Rathke [mailto:erack@redhat.com]
Sent: Friday, May 27, 2016 04:26
To: office-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [office-comment] DAYS360 third parameter should be Logical


ODFF defines

6.10.7 DAYS360

Syntax: DAYS360( DateParam StartDate ; DateParam EndDate [ ; Integer
Method = 0 ] )
Constraints: 0 <= Method <= 1
Semantics: If method is 0, it uses the National Association of
            Securities Dealers (NASD) method, also known as the U.S.
            method. If the method is 1, the European method is used.

LibreOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel and Gnumeric evaluate the Method
parameter as Logical (i.e. all values != 0 evaluate to TRUE). This
function should be specified as

Syntax: DAYS360( DateParam StartDate ; DateParam EndDate [ ; Logical
Method = FALSE() ] )

Semantics: If method is FALSE(), it uses the National Association of
            Securities Dealers (NASD) method, also known as the U.S.
            method. If the method is TRUE(), the European method is
and the contraints be removed.


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