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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ForceArray needs to stay

Hi Eike,

please see my inline comments.
On 17-12-18 10:41 AM, Eike Rathke wrote:
Focus on "forces the context of the _expression_ that results in that
argument into array mode" (or "forces calculation of the argument's
_expression_ into non-scalar array mode" as ODFF states).
Best some example:

Cells A1:A3 := {-1,-2,-3}
results in 6 because it forces array context on the _expression_
ABS(A1:A3), where ABS() expects a scalar value and without array context
would take the implicit intersection of the formula cell's position and
the range A1:A3 and return one single value. In array evaluation context
it iterates over the values A1:A3 and returns an array of results.
I would argue that this is already the case because Sumproduct asks for a list of ARRAY. So the ABS(...) is evaluated in an array context.

Do you have an example where the argument is of type Array and you do not have array context evaluation?



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