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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Version Control / Open Documents as git repositories

On 09.02.2018 10:58, Hadmut Danisch wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to ask about the currenct state of a version control
> definition for Open Documents.
> I am highly annoyed by the current practice to keep heaps of older
> documents, wasting lots of disk space, to keep some sort of history
> with libreoffice.
> There have been user complaints before, stating that open documents
> could be easily be stored in a git repository instead of a zip file
> structure, but as far as I can see, all those requests have been
> rejected with the hint, that this was a violation of the standard and
> that oasis would be the place to ask.
> I'd there like to ask about what has been defined so far for version
> control in open documents.

1. there is a non-standard extension in LibreOffice to store a
VersionList.xml file in the ODF package and then older versions inside
subdirectories of the package, does that meet your needs?

it can be used via File->Versions...

(see also https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-1436)

2. alternatively you can use the "Flat XML ODF * Document" export
filters to create documents that are a single XML file and use git to
version them.

3. there is of course also the change tracking inside the document, but
that is currently quite limited with regard to the kinds of changes that
can be tracked and undone.

4. likely it's possible to do this with some sort of external document
management system too, e.g. LibreOffice can connect to CMIS servers.

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