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Subject: ideas for next ODF version


After discussing it in TDF discuss board mailing list I got suggestion to take contact with you directly.

I admit in very beginning that I am not aware of how things are working in OASIS, especially in case of ODF standard. Therefore I apologize beforehand if my proposals somehow irritate you.

I also admit that I am not a programmer, so I am not capable of programming these ideas. Still I hope that these features are worth enough to include into OpenDocument in order to make it more modern as much as it can be.

I have two ideas and I see that recently ODF v1.3 has been already published, so hopefully for next ODF version. I actually had these ideas already some time ago but couldn't find a proper place to say it. Hopefully now finally that information goes to right place.

I would say that these two features would be very much appreciated and already existing in counterpart proprietary apps. Even if zooming spreadsheet is not yet then sooner or later it will be. Therefore to raise free and open-source OpenDocument usability and functionailty, I propose these ideas.

idea #1: zooming presentation

good examples in proprietary world:
good example in free and open-source world:

Smooth transition from one object, slide to another is the main feature but there are more features.

idea #2: zooming spreadsheet

good example is free and open-source TreeSheets

Creating, writing cells between existing ones; easy nested tables; powerful zooming feature; etc but also here there are more features, e.g. it can be used also for mindmapping but concept mapping (like Cmap Tools) is missing - this would be also appreciated - perhaps in drawing part (like using in LibreOffice Draw or similar).
Yours faithfully,
Edmund Laugasson
TDF member

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