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Subject: ODF Attribute Default Value Question: dots1-length/dots2-length


I'm hoping to resolve an ambiguity regarding the ODF attributes draw:dots1-length and draw:dots2-length under the draw:stroke-dash element. (Spec snippet included below.)

These two parameters can be either percentages (relative to the line width; this appears to be the more common option) or absolute distance values. However, I've encountered scenarios in which one or both of these fields are absent altogether, and only the dash count parameters (draw:dots1 and draw:dots2) are provided.

I'm wondering if there's a formal default value for these attributes. When they're absent, LibreOffice appears to default to a value of 100% of the line width. If there's no official default value, I'd like to propose this becomes the standard!

Let me know if you need any more details! Thank you!

- Trey 

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