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Subject: Re: [office-comment] An error in definition of DAYS spreadsheet function

Hi Mike,

thank you for reporting the error to us. I have added it to our error list. The text will be improved in ODF 1.4 and in case we will create an errata for ODF 1.3, it will also be included there.

Kind regards,

Mike Kaganski schrieb am 15.11.2023 um 07:43:


Semantics: Returns the number of days between two dates. If StartDate and EndDate are Numbers, this is EndDate â StartDate. If they are both Text, this is DATEVALUE(StartDate) â DATEVALUE(EndDate).

The order of arguments in the "If they are both Text" part is reversed, it must be "DATEVALUE(EndDate) â DATEVALUE(StartDate)".

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