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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Getting there...!

Eike Rathke said:
> In the mean time, wouldn't it be time to submit the OpenFormula document
> to the OASIS wiki / document section / wherever necessary?

Sure, makes sense.

Unfortunately, we don't have a working public comment section,
and I believe that is important to making sure that we're creating
an open standard.  (We don't have to ACCEPT all comments, but
there needs to be multiple methods for the public to comment).

I think I can submit the OpenFormula specification and generated
spreadsheet.  Then, if there are further changes on the OpenFormula
side, they can be re-contributed as further contributions.
The OASIS formula subcommittee is under no obligation to
accept or use ANY contribution, but I hope that the contributions
will be useful.  But it's the OASIS SC members that make the

We also don't have a wiki of any kind at this tiime.
Michael Brauer didn't want to ask for a wiki until we knew how
we wanted to work on the document.  So, I guess we can
discuss that right now... would there be value in having a
Wiki?  I'm presuming only members of the SC could edit the Wiki.
The OpenFormula folks found that having a Wiki was useful,
I think.

--- David A. Wheeler

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