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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Wiki and work habits

robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
> I'd make the distinction between collaborative authoring and editing. 
>  Wiki's are great for the former.  But when it comes down to the 
> detailed work of checking cross references, perfecting the formatting, 
> proof reading and voting on line-by-line changes, we need to get the 
> document into the final distribution format which will be ODF.

Okay.  Both Eike Rathke and Robert Weir, editors, think we should START 
with a
Wiki.  And at least Robert Weir thinks we should switch to ODF later on as
things become more "solid".  And I think a Wiki would be a good place to
begin work too.

Does anyone in the SC object to requesting a Wiki
for use as a starting point?  Unless someone says otherwise soon, I plan to
request that we get a Wiki to start work, and then we can determine
(as a group) when we should transition to ODF for the "final editing" pass.

At this time, there's been no agreement to USE the OpenFormula specification
as a base document.  Until such agreement, I think transitioning the
OpenFormula spec into the new Wiki would be premature.  But if that's
agreed to, then it'd make sense to transition the OpenFormula spec to the
new Wiki.  Which shouldn't be too hard; it's in a Wiki now.

--- David A. Wheeler

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