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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Wiki and work habits

robert_weir at us.ibm.com wrote:
> I'd suggest initially contributing the OpenFormula specification by 
> uploading to the subcommittee's document repository.  At that point it 
> is something the subcommittee can properly view and consider.  I'd be 
> hesitant to have the entire subcommittee reading and reviewing a 
> document which is not yet formally under the TC's IPR policy, so that 
> initial step is essential.  Then, as I think we agreed to before, we can 
> have a couple of calls to review the scope and content of OpenFormula. 
>  And then, we can come to an informed consensus on how we transition 
> OpenFormula to the Wiki as the base document for our work.

Fair enough.  The OpenFormula specification (in .odt and .html formats),
and the automatically generated test suite, are now posted.
I have the copyright, and grant the OpenDocument TC the rights to use
this to develop a specification should they choose to, per the
OASIS OpenDocument TC IPR.
My goal in doing this is that I want there to be an open standard
for spreadsheets that is implementable by all.

Go to:
and look at the "Documents" section.

Repeat: There is NO commitment to use
this specification as a base document; that's something
the SC needs to discuss.  I hope it will be useful, of course,
but my goal is that there BE a spec... not that it be the
base document.  But I think it's useful, and hope others agree.

--- David A. Wheeler

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