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Subject: Here's how nonmembers (the public) can send comments to the formulasubcommittee

The members of the formula subcommittee will develop a specification
for recalculated formulas (at LEAST spreadsheet formulas).
Comments from the public are very appreciated.  However, due to some
technical limitations, the "Send a Comment" button on the subcommittee
web page doesn't actually work.

If you're not a member, but you'd like to submit a comment, please
send your comments to the OpenDocument TC instead, at:
Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Yes, I realize this message will go to only members of the subcommittee,
where it doesn't apply.  However, this message will be VISIBLE to those
who are searching through the archives, and with the clear subject 
line... so
hopefully it will help those who DO want to submit comments.

--- David A. Wheeler

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