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Subject: Re: [office-formula] When would be a good time for an initial (kickoff)teleconference meeting? (Dan Bricklin)

Dan Bricklin is interested in joining the formula subcommittee,
and I am VERY delighted.  For those few who don't know,
Dan Bricklin was the co-creator of VisiCalc,
the ORIGINAL spreadsheet application that started the industry.
He is currently implementing a new program called
wikiCalc, which merges Wiki and spreadsheet capabilities.
wikiCalc is actually his 3rd spreadsheet implementation.
His wealth of experience in the industry, as well as his
recent insights in combining new technologies with old,
will make him VERY welcome addition to our group!

Dan has not officially joined the subcommittee, and
there's always the possibility he will decide he can't.
Still, if possible, we ought to choose a teleconference time
where he CAN join if possible.  Here are the times
he's told me that he can join:

* March 2nd OK until 6pm EST
* March 3rd OK until 1:30pm EST
* March 8th OK except 1:30pm-3:30pm EST,
* March 9th OK until 6pm EST, 

March 10 he's unsure; March 6-7 he's unavailable.

--- David A. Wheeler

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