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Subject: Request for Introductions - Please, introduce yourself to us!

Could everyone on the office-formula mailing list introduce themselves
to everyone else, by doing a "reply-all" to this email?  Don't introduce
yourself just to ME... I'd like everyone to know a little about each other.
I realize many of you know each other anyway, but not everyone does, and
having it recorded in the OASIS archives will make it easy for
people to find it later.

Basically, tell us the name YOU would like to be called, your organization,
a little about your interests in spreadsheet implementations, and why you're
interested in a standard for formulas.  I'd especially like to know if 
there are any
particular goals/aspirations you have for the resulting specification.
If you have any relevant expertise (such as implementor, heavy user,
strong mathematical expertise, legal knowledge, or standards/OASIS
procedural knowledge), please let us know that too.  ODF members:
if you also work with other organizations, feel free to let us know that.

In PARTICULAR, if you are a developer of one or
more spreadsheet implementations, or your organization develops
one or more spreadsheet implementations, please let us
know what they are.  NOTE: If you or your organization
develops spreadsheets, saying so does NOT automatically
commit your organization to a specification. Few people will
commit to a specification that isn't done!   But it helps to know
where people are coming from.

We have a few "Observers".  According to OASIS rule 1n, observers can
be subscribed to the email list but not "participate" in email list 
However, unless there's an objection, I'd like to hear self-introductions
from even the observers (if they're willing). I don't view 
as "participation", and it would help to know who everyone is.  If you
are an observer but want to stay anonymous, that's fine.   If you want to do
more than observe, please talk to me; my goal is MAXIMUM participation.

Note: Per OASIS rule 2.4, membership is per person, not per organization,
and is not transferable from person to person.  Also, 2.13 states
"Organizations do not vote in TCs."  Thus, although many of us are
from specific organizations, I expect that everyone will work TOGETHER
to create the best possible specification for ALL... and not JUST for
the organization they represent. Still, it's sometimes helpful to know
"where people are coming from".

Thanks very much!!

--- David A. Wheeler

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